Welcome to Northland Bible Church!

Here are a few of the Missionaries
and mission Organizations supported
by Northland Bible Church and its members:
Steve & Debbie McEvoy Steve & Debbie McEvoy
With their children,
Isaac, Caleb, Nathaniel & Kaitlyn

Steve and Debbie with their children are translating the Bible with the Migabac people of Papua New Guinea. In Febraury 2010, the Migabac people eagerly received Luke, Acts, and Galatians in their heart language. As of 2011, an additional 39% of the New Testament is in first draft.

The McEvoys continue on in the translation project and also assist other translation programs in Papua New Guinea.

The Migabac people are eager to receive the Scriptures. Steve & Debbie would love to have you as part of the team taking God's Word to Bibleless people. Please consider how you might partner with them financially or in prayer.

You can contact them via E-mail at steve-debbie_mcevoy@sil.org

Chris & Mindy Porier Chris & Mindy Porier

"Building a PASSION for Christian
Youth Discipleship and Leadership
Training in Estonia."

We are partnering with a local church in Tartu, Estonia to further develop and strengthen its youth program, connecting and building a framework that may be used in other churches to begin youth ministries in their communities. Our prayer is to see youth connect from various regions of Estonia, equipping and challenging one another in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our long-term vision is to see God building the next generation of Christian leaders and church planters in Estonia.

1.Healthy transition for our family as new missionaries in Estonia
2.Successful language studies
3.Development of youth ministries and camps
4.Youth discipleship and leadership training
5.Openness to God's leading
You can contact them at ConvergeWorldwide.org

News Service 2000 is a Bridge
between the Persecuted Church
and the Church in America.

News Service 2000 was founded in l992 for the sole purpose of helping the Persecuted Church around the world.

News Service personnel have traveled extensively in communist countries in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Much of the work of News Sevice 2000 today is focused upon the Muslim world with ongoing projects in Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, including the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

You can contact them via E-mail at comments@newsservice2000.com

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