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A Biblical Worldview - Part 3
by Pastor Alex Lindsay
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Reference: Proverbs 30:15-28

We continue our thoughts on Biblical worldview in Proverbs chapter 30. This is not a complete construction of a Biblical worldview. Our study is only helping to lay a foundation and give support to the full set of values that constitute a Christian philosophy of life.


Worldview - As Seen by the Many Vignettes of Proverbs Chapter Thirty - Continued


Proverbs 30:15-17 - The Dangerous World of Discontentment and Greed
Our view of the world must comprehend the dangers of excessiveness, discontentment and greed - either ours, or others in the world. Lack of self-control (ours or somebody else's) can ruin us. To illustrate this, Augur uses the example of a leach. Its two fangs lock in and will suck its victim dry, if not removed. J. Vernon McGee compares the "two daughters" to the two reins on a horse. If you don't pull back on them, you will have a runaway horse. Jude 1:4 tells us that some would take the gospel and turn it into a license to sensual sin / immorality (KJV uses the word "lasciviousness" - "unrestrained lust"). But the fruit of the Spirit, among many other things (Galatians 5:22-23), is "temperance / self-control." See Psalm 32:8-9.

Four Things That Never Stop Demanding More: The grave / death - life is like one big funeral procession and earth is a giant cemetery (J. Vernon McGee). The barren womb leaves an empty spot in a potential mother's or father's heart (In previous times, the barren womb was a reproach to any wife. Today, the world has calloused many people to this through the abortion industry.). Dry earth - always needs more rain. The effect of previous rains doesn't last. Fire - always requires more fuel, as if to say, "Give me more, or I quit." So, life is full of steady, repetitive demands. Pace yourself for the demands of life. Be patient (another fruit of the Spirit).

Perhaps, when seeing Proverbs 30:17 in light of these previous verses, we are to consider what a taxation on parents and society are incorrigible, ungrateful children - especially as they get older.


Proverbs 30:18-20 - The Beautiful, Powerful, But Dangerous World of Mysterious Things
Our view of the world may not be able to comprehend all things. Therefore, we must be cautious and discerning. There is wonder and beauty in the four things of Proverbs 30:18-19. But the focus changes when you consider the next verse (Proverbs 30:20). The danger becomes clear. An adulterous woman is beautiful, deceitful, mysterious and destructive (Proverbs 5:1-6; 9:13-18).

Consider the mystery of an eagle from the perspective of a rabbit or a fish! Or what about a wonderful stealthful snake, if you are a mouse? … watch your ankles! Ships are marvelous, as they slip through the waters. But consider what they can do during wars and acts of piracy! The way of a man with his wife is a lovely thought, but what about when a charming, immoral man has his way with a young woman who is not his wife? So, we have wonderful, powerful, mysterious forces at work in this world. But since the fall of Lucifer and the fall of man these things can be a source of blessing or a curse. Sin is the misuse of the legitimate things that God created. In sin, good things are used selfishly, greedily, or ignorantly. The world is full of attractive, powerful, and subtle danger. Pray for God's wisdom, discernment, and protection.


Proverbs 30:21-23 - The Disturbing, Disrupted World
Our view of the world must see that it is full of inequity. Life isn't fair. People who are unqualified, undeserving, unfaithful, dishonest, etc. often gain position, power, and wealth. God, in His sovereign design, is using these things for His greater purposes. We must look to Him - praying instead of grumbling. See Romans 13:1, 8-14; James 4:1-12; 5:1-11; I Timothy 2:1-6; Titus 3:1-7.

Jeroboam (I Kings 11 - 14) was a servant of Solomon who became the king of the ten northern tribes of Israel. He might serve as an example for this lesson. Also consider Luke 12:1-7, 13-21 (Hypocritical religious leaders with lots of power and authority / The fool with lots of food).


Proverbs 30:24-28 - The Underestimated World of Small Things
Our view of the world must be careful not to overlook or underappreciate the many "little things" that are in it. We may be one of those "little things" ourself.

  • Ants - Busy, industrious, prepared - not lazy (Proverbs 6:6-11).

  • Conies / Rock Badgers / Hyraxes - Strategic: Their wisdom overcomes their weakness!

  • Locusts - Unity, teamwork, cooperation makes them unstoppable.

  • The Spider / The Lizard? - Two possible translations here:

    The spider, by the diligent work of their hands, can go just about anywhere they want (including kings' palaces).

    A house lizard (Gecko) is something that you can grab with your hands (The tail may come off in your hands!). Climbing walls and ceilings, they often live in houses, (including kings' palaces).

    In either case, the diligent, though small / insignificant, can overcome obstacles.


The world may view you as small, but does God see you as wise? See I Corinthians 1:18-24, 26-31

Originally delivered October 8, 2023
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