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The Lord's Prayer: The last prayer of Jesus before going to the Cross.
by Leroy Miller
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A. The Path to the Cross: Jesus knew throughout his ministry, where and how and for what purpose His earthly human life would end.
Let us follow parts of that path:
 1. The Miracle at Cana: Jesus mother tells Him, "they have no wine." John 2:1-5 "My hour has not yet come."
 2. Jesus causes division:
  a. They seek to kill Him but, "the hour has not come" John 7: 25-32
b. The chief priests and Pharisees order his arrest. John 7: 43-53
c. The following day: Jesus continues teaching at the temple. The Pharisees plot to trap Jesus.
   1) The adulterous woman: John 8: 1-11
2). "My hour has not yet come." John 8: 12-20
3) Many believe but many also doubt. John 8: 20-32
4) Two fathers: insightful but scary. John 8: 33-47
 3. "The hour has come": John 13:1. 13: 2-17
Before and after the Passover meal, Jesus shares words of encouragement and challenge to His disciples.
Read and believe these words of Truth that God has given to us:
   John 13: 1-6; 14-15 (Jesus the Messiah, washes their feet: be a servant)
John 14: 1-3 (I will come again)
John 14:6 (I am the only way)
John 14: 16-17 (Another Comforter)
John 14: 21 (If we love Jesus, we will keep His commandments)
John 14:27 (Peace I leave with you)
John 15:1, 4-12 (I am the True Vine)
John 15:11 (My joy remains in you)
John 15: 12 (Love one another)
John 16:28, 31-33 (I have overcome the world)
  Through His death and resurrection, Jesus the lamb of God will defeat sin and death.
  "If when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life‚ĶChrist by whom we have now received atonement‚Ķ. (Rom 5:10-11) "Being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." (Rom. 5:1));
  4. Read John 17: 1-26, 2:1 The Lord's Prayer:
Jesus knows the terrible agony He will now face: arrest, torture, crucifixion, death, and resurrection.
His love and prayers to the Father are not for Himself, but for His apostles, and for all future believers.
He is praying for you and for me. Thank you, Lord!
B. Benediction: Revelation 1: 4-6
Originally delivered July 12, 2020
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