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Confusion and Chaos in our World: What does the Bible say?
by Leroy Miller
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Reference: The Book of Hebrews
Since sin came into the world, this planet has experienced confusion and chaos: the killing of Abel, the Flood of Noah, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the downfall of Israel, the land of Jesus, and in every era since then. History shows that times are always better when people know and follow the Bible: the living Word of God. (examples?) Today we are in a time of confusion and chaos. Are we influencing the part of our world we live in, because we know, believe, and follow God's Truth?
A. What is the setting: the state of Christian life when the Book of Hebrews was written? Answer: The writer is speaking to a second generation of Christians who are confused about their faith (whyjare they confused?). Paul, Peter, James, all urgently speak God's Truth to people living in this generation.
Paul: 2 Timothy 3:2,5,10-13; 4:1-7; Peter: 2 Peter 1:12-18 James: James 2:14,19
       1. The purpose of the book of Hebrews: "Hold fast to your faith in Christ"
          a. Read: Hebrews 1:1 Throughout history, God has spoken Truth to us in many ways: visions (Is. 6), dreams (Dan. 2), biography (the Gospels), sermons (Matt 5-7), poetry (Ps. 139), face to face conversations (Deut. 5:4), tablets of stone (Deut 10:4), miracles (John 6), parables (Luke 15), Inner compulsion (Acts 21:10-13), history (1 & 2 Chronicles), angels (Hebrews 1:14; Luke 1:26-38), historical research (Luke 1:1-4), through creation (Ps. 19:1 -4), The Bible (all), and most of all through Jesus' life, crucifixion, and resurrection, (John 1:1 -5,9-14; John 3:16-18) Which of these methods of communication are relevant to us today? Answer: Do not put limitations on God, but always make sure God's written word is supreme in judging correctness of what you may think you've been shown.
       2. What does Scripture and history tell us about Jesus and eternal life vs what the world teaches?
Hebrews 1:2-3; 10
John 1:1-5, 10-12
Jesus own words: John 10:37; 3:16-18; 5:24; 14:6
Colossians 1:13-22
Revelation 1:5-8, 17-19
Isaiah9:2, 5-7; 53:1-12
     3. Where do we see confusion and chaos today, both in the Christian Church and in the world, concerning salvation? Do we know the Biblical meaning of "Faith"?
       a. "If you say these words, if you pray this now, you have eternal life; once saved, always saved"; (misinterpret 1 John 5:13-14) Discuss
       b. "God has in eternity past chosen some and rejected others; there is no need for me to share Christ with others. Their destiny is determined by God." 1 Timothy 2: 3-6; 2 Peter 3:9
       c. "Do you think you will go to heaven after you die?'' "Yes, I've tried to be a good person so God will let me into heaven." "II don't believe in a God who would send anyone to hell" Romans 3:23, 6:23; Isaiah64:6
       d. "I believe there are many paths to God." John 14:6
     4. Where am I and where are you concerning salvation and concerning living a iblical life here on earth? Are we included with the "saved"? Do we really hear the pleas and admonitions of the Do we trust and obey and serve? Are we holding fast to our faith as God's people? Do we begin each day in prayer and thanks to God? Are we daily in God's Word? Do we share God's awesome Truths with others? Do we tell others what God is doing in our lives? Do we not worry and be anxious? Do we go in God's strength rather than our own? Know that God is faithful and just, He knows our weaknesses and loves us still (Psalm 139). Thank you Lord! Please keep us in your_path and use us for your purpose. Let us meditate on David's prayer that should be our prayer also:
Psalm 145
Originally delivered July 5, 2020
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