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Are You Thirsty?
by Alex M. Lindsay
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Reference: John 4:1-15

Thirst is an everyday part of life. In some parts of the world, it is a crucial situation that could become critical at any time. For others, there is an abundance of water. Yet many often forget to drink enough water. Jesus lived in a place where water was thought about very seriously. He came to a woman at Jacob's well and offered her water that she did not understand. He called it "Living Water." He said, that it would satisfy a person, so that they would never thirst for anything else. A well would spring up from within and give them everlasting life.

This world is full of need and dissatisfaction - cravings and frustrations. This is a world of promises that are not fulfilled. Jesus Christ is offering completeness and contentment to us. People who do not understand make fun of it. Those who refuse to drink regular water are putting their lives at risk. To reject the "Living Water" that Christ offers is an eternally fatal mistake. See John 7:37-39; Isaiah 55:1-3; 12:2-3; Revelation 22:17.

This world is dry, when it comes to things like truth, love, mercy, and grace. People know something is wrong. So, they try to solve the problem and satisfy the need with material things, pleasures, political philosophy, and human psychology, etc. Christ gives us His Word and His Spirit to understand our need and bring us to true peace and prosperity (John 6:63). Once you have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, you won't be going back to the broken cisterns that hold no water (Jeremiah 2:13; 9:23-24).

The Christian's continual satisfaction with the things of God is described in various ways. Here are two of them:

  • A Tree - Psalm 1:1-3 cp. Jeremiah 17:5-8, 9-14
  • A Baby - I Peter 2:1-3 cp. Psalm 34:8-22; Matthew 5:6


Seek the LORD, while He may be found! Feed upon His Word! - Read Isaiah 55:1-13

Originally delivered August 4, 2019
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